East Pokot, Baringo County (2016- Now)

MAMA NA WATOTO engages in the mobile clinics organized by the Catholic Dioses of Nakuru, held in various parts of East Pokot. MAMA NA WATOTO provides antenatal care during the clinics.

Next to the mobile clinics, MAMA NA WATOTO is engaged with the East Pokot Medical Project. Herein we train traditional birth attendances (traditional midwives) and sensitize the community about Female Genital Mutilation and early marriages.

The trainings for the traditional midwives (TBA) are performed by a team of pre-educated midwives from the same region. MAMA TO WATOTO wants to sensitize the whole community. Therefore, it will not only focus on TBAs, but also on mothers, men and youth. Each month, trainings will be conducted for the TBAs and the full community. Medical information, programmes about FGM and sensitization is given.

MAMA NA WATOTO also targets High schools in the area.

This project is supported by the New Life Fonds, Belgium.