2015-2017: Courageous Hearts

The goal of this project was to provide comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education among teenagers in-school and out-of-school and rehabilitate 200 teen mothers with educational, economic and life skills.

For this project MAMA NA WATOTO partnered with a local Kenyan NGO, International Centre for Education and Talent Development.

  • Capacity building on life skills and promotion of sexual education with a special focus on Sexual Offences Act 2008.
  • Prevention of teenage pregnancies and reduction of school drop-out rates by the teen mothers.
  • Develop and maintain online platform for information sharing.
  • Exposure to reproductive health counselling, teen friendly services and day care centres.

The project targets expectant teenagers and teenage mothers in-schools and out-of-schools especially vulnerable teenage mothers living in the slum areas and other informal settlement.

The project will be piloted in Nakuru Sub-county.

  • Increased school retention before and after giving birth by 60%.
  • Increased the number of pregnant teen girl accessing pre-natal care in the first trimester to delivery by 90%.
  • Equip 200 teenage mothers with life skills, education and entrepreneur skills.
  • Promote the sexual offences act in 20 public schools in Nakuru Sub County.

With the project Courageous Hearts we could establish a Youth and Women Friendly Centre. The centre provides education and trainings:

  • Reproductive Health Education
  • Entrepreneurial Training
  • Technical Skill Training
  • Farming Skills
  • Household skills

MAMA NA WATOTO left this project end 2017, the local community took over.

2015-2016: East Pokot Education Project

A group of NGO`s and organizations came together to start the East Pokot Education Project. The aim of this project was to increase education in East Pokot. Two organizations started sponsorship programs within this project. All organizations agreed that life skills where as important as academic skills.

MAMA NA WATOTO provided Life Skill Education in secondary schools in East Pokot. The girls high school in Ngingyang and the boy high school in Chemolingot were involved in several sessions.

The aim was to educate and sensitize the youth on sexual education, human rights, reproductive health and social behaviour.

Next to educating the students in school, there were also sessions for teachers. Hereby they could continue providing Life Skill Education in school.